„Architecture begins where engineering ends.“

Walter Gropius

The dictum ‘“Less is More” is not only applicable in architectural design, it is also beneficial in creating design tools for architects. Today’s established CAD and BIM systems have grown to become huge and cost-intensive software suites, going far beyond the needs of architects during the early phase of architectural design. When participating in architecture design competitions, for example, draftsmen are surrounded by hundreds of functionalities they never use. At the same time, the number of helpful features that actively support the creative design process are rather rare.

Archilles Pro was invented by the austrian architect Martin Emmerer, co-founder of the architecture collective 'Hope of Glory'. The first lines of the software were coded in 2010 by himself. For several years, Archilles Pro was used exclusively in his own design department. Numerous competition proposals were created using this novel drafting environment. In fact, Archilles Pro soon emerged as a fast, competitive weapon and even helped to create winning projects, including urbanistic masterplans, residential buildings, and buildings for mixed and public use.

In 2018, Martin Emmerer founded Archilles Software, a company for architecture-related research and software development. Today Archilles Pro is composed of an interdisciplinary team of software developers and architects that improve and upgrade the tool constantly. A group of pilot users have already successfully integrated Archilles Pro in their daily architecture work.

Starting from 2021 Archilles Pro will be accessible for anyone to use.

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"I wondered why (till now) no one delivered a tool tailored for the early phase in architectural design. To change this situation, I began developing Archilles Pro."

Martin Emmerer
Martin Emmerer

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