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Smartes design tool für Architekten

Archilles Pro ist das erste kreative Entwurfstool für Architekten, das smarte Building Information Modeling Technologie mit der Einfachheit eines Skizzenblocks verbindet. Von Architekten für Architekten entwickelt bietet Archilles Pro innovative, für den Architekturentwurf maßgeschneiderte Features.
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„Archilles is a handsome and very user-friendly application. Suprising how through Archilles , the restrictive and technique-oriented idea of BIM is converible to the artistic idea of the archtiect’s profession.“
DI Dr Martin Emmerer
HoG architektur ZT GmbH
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Exclusively available on Windows.


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One of our most important aims is that students, teachers and Academic institutions experience Arhilles Pro. With our Education discount, students and teachers can get a license for free and can start using Archilles Pro absolutely free.

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